Imagine Beyond

Documentary Series, 2020-21
dir. Ross Bolidai

Role: Development + Series Producer
Broadcaster: Tomorrow Unlocked

In this documentary series for Tomorrow Unlocked we Imagine Beyond to a future where society and what it means to be human could be radically changed by technology.  Will this be for the better, or for the worse? And what are the challenges, both scientifc and moral, we’ll face along the way?

Episode 1 asks, ‘Who Wants To Live Forever?’ , taking a dive into the world of radical life extension, cryonics and the academic community that believe brain uploading could be the pathway to cheating death and becoming immortal. The film was released in December 2020 and received over 400k views in it’s first 48 hours online.

Episode 2 asks, ‘Can You Love A Machine?’ looking at the various indistries and research groups looking to provide substitutes for human connection with Robots and AI, from the sex industry to eledrly care.