The Modern Game

Documentary, 52’ (2018)

Role: Producer
Broadcaster: OTRO

In this landmark documentary ten footballers who have defined and are now shaping the modern era come together to give a rare insight into what it takes to get to the top and how they have seen the beautiful game evolve.

Lionel Messi
Neymar Jr
David Beckham
Zinedine Zidane
David Luiz
Eric Cantona
Gabriel Jesus
Luis Suarez
Romelu Lukaku

Producer: Matt Diegan
Executive Producers: Adrian Sibley, Max Welch

Head of Production: Daniel Lilly
Production Manager: Bob Brown
Researcher: Matthew Hammond
Research Consultants: Paul Watson, Joao Castelo Branco

Interviews: Duane Jones, Phil Griffin, Julien Laurens
Directors Of Photography: Pedro Castro, Eoin McLoughlin, Luke Bryant

Offline Editors: Julian Fletcher, Francis Newall
Archive Producer: James McDonald
Archive Editor: Kane Chattey
Grade: Toby Tomkins @ Cheat
Sound Mix: Jack Lewis @ Splice